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Letters to the Editor

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Take note Mr President

Dear editor,

Adama Barrow, the way you’re treating Gambians, Yahya Jammeh is not worst than you. Actually, in so many ways, you’re even worst. Many Gambians have been murdered, executed, strangled, maimed, and forced into exile by members of the Yahya Jammeh regime who are appearing before the TRRC right now. The questions on most Gambians’ minds are; why are these same people who inflicted so much terror in Gambia, still working and being paid by Gambian tax-payers? Is it that you think you’re comfortable in your position to such an extent that you fear no repercussions from your blatant show of utter disrespect and disregard for the Gambian people? From the Finance Minister, to the Secretary General, down to drivers and orderlies, members of the Yahya Jammeh machinery of terror and death populate the civil service at all levels. But I don’t blame you. I blame the Gambian people for putting up with this deliberate drift towards the tyranny of democracy. The illegitimate accumulation of power undermines democracy, and in our constitutional system, its illegal, thus, rendering the Coalition government, illegitimate. But one thing is certain; Gambians will take the Coalition to task for giving preferential treatment to murderers, rapists and torturers in our civil service, rather than those who fought to remove Yahya Jammeh from power.

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Mathew K Jallow



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Letter to Dr Isatou Touray, newly appointed Vice President

Dear VP,

It gives me great pleasure to extend my warmest congratulations to you on your appointment as the Vice President of the Republic of The Gambia; which happens to be one of the hottest seats. As you take office the people of The Gambia especially the women’s are looking to you for a new approach to our nation by closing the gender gap. However, we are no longer interested in repeating the mistakes of your predecessors Fatoumata Tambajang and Ousainou Darboe who was booted from the State House on the recent cabinet reshuffled on 15th March 2019.

We know that as Vice President, you must walk a tightrope of loyalty. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that crime is the order of the day. We believe that the time has come for you and your boss the President, in particular, to take urgent and vital steps to respond to the recent gigantic crime rate faced by the citizens.

I remember the president promised us of tightened security. Barely a month on, all I hear is one kind of killing or the other. Not a single day passes without news of somebody being murdered or raped. It is a common thing now to have disgruntled people to armed and shot you to death. Our homes are supposed to be our safe heavens but we are more scared of sleeping in them. The lives of our loved ones always placed at the mercies of these uncivilized and merciless murderers.

Of recent One Buba Drammeh of Berending was alleged to shot Buba Jammeh in the stomach as the two villages fought over the land issue; which resulted to fatal. In a similar note, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) upon his arrival at the scene could not step out of his car as he was surrounded by the angry mob who were stoning at him. He was forced to drive rough to save his life.

Previously, URR bigot the unusual as on 14th November 2018 it was alleged that Mahamadou Ceesay was stabbed to death by one Billaly Conteh with a knife in the stomach. According to reports, the whole problem started at the burial of one Chalaw Dusu Dambele of the ‘slave’ group. Sources say well before Chalaw Dusu Dambele died, the ‘slave’ group of Garawol gave stern warnings to villagers not to classify their dead as belonging to the ‘slave’ group. (Foroyaa, 2018)
It is believed that preventing and resolving land conflicts have no single solution. However, the Quick Guide to Land and Conflict Prevention, published by the Initiative on Quiet Diplomacy, outlines a number of approaches, including mediation which the Barrow led administration through the Land Commission can make reference to; to end such a calamity.

Saidina Alieu Jarjou
Blogger/political activist

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