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The GPU prexy saga

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Social media is rife with commentaries on the incident involving Mr Sheriff Bojang Jnr. and Mr Lamin Njie of The Fatunetwork. The incident occurred on Friday at the doorsteps of the Supreme Court after it had delivered its ruling on the case filed by sacked nominated Member of the National Assembly, Miss Ya Kumba Jaiteh.

Mr Lamin Njie wanted to sound Bojang’s opinion on the ruling of the Supreme Court but he (Bojang) snapped at him and even used profanity against him. The incident was caught live on Facebook and went viral a short while later.

Mr Sheriff Bojang Jnr. apologised publicly later in the day but many deem the apology to be too little too late as some called for his resignation as the president of the Gambia Press Union.

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Many citizens are citing the fact that journalists are persecuted in many parts of the world and therefore they are expected to look out for each other and not harass or persecute their fellow journalists.

The fact that Mr Bojang owned up to his mistake and apologised is commendable even though Mr Lamin Njie reserves the right to either forgive or take the matter further to seek redress.

At this material time however, the media needs unity and cohesion in order to focus on our real job of holding government to account and working together to protect each other from more serious attacks.

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It is hoped that both parties will rise above this incident and put the interest of the media fraternity before anything else.

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