Opening the adjournment debate yesterday as the Assembly adjourned sine die, Jatta, who is the Member for Serekunda East called for the need to tighten up security.

“Every Gambian, irrespective of your party affiliation should be a policeman. During this session, both sides of the parliament have hailed the government for its tremendous efforts in almost all sectors, positively impacting on the lives of every citizen. That’s only possible because we enjoy peace and stability,” he added.

Recent times have witnessed attacks on Gambia Government interests and installations abroad by Gambian diasporan groups, who according to media reports had been threatening an armed insurgency against The Gambia government in protest against ‘bad governance’.


“I am a Gambian and I live in The Gambia and I have my family in The Gambia. I am a parliamentarian but tomorrow I may not be a parliamentarian. So, if I love Gambia, I am here with my family, who else will tell me about The Gambia or influence me to bring about instability in The Gambia? 

“Why am I saying this? There are those people in the Diaspora who have not been here since the 1994 revolution and who prior to the revolution see The Gambia as a citadel of democracy and good governance with all the weaknesses of the first regime. Those people are not qualified to tell us how we should live in Gambia.” 

The majority leader added: “Let’s be critical of the system, challenge each other to make The Gambia a better place rather than instigate chaos and instability.”


By Saikou Jammeh & Sainey Marenah