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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Mambury granted D15 million bail

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The court further required Mr Njie to provide six Gambian sureties who have properties within the Greater Banjul Area in order to have a temporary release from state custody. 

His bail hearing began last week. The judge in his ruling yesterday said he was convinced that Mr Njie would not interfere with witnesses. 

“The accused is entitled to bail and the state has failed to spell out facts on how the accused will interfere with the witnesses in their affidavit of opposition,” he averred. “There should be facts on how the applicant will interfere with witnesses. Saying he will interfere, in my view, is only an assumption.”

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Njie was charged with two counts of economic crime and neglect of duty. According to state prosecutors, he recklessly caused economic loss to the country by failing to advise the government on matters pertaining to mining operations of Carnegie Minerals Gambia Limited between 2001 and 2006 while he was the secretary general and head of civil service. 


He pleaded not guilty. The case will resume June 16 for hearing

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By Binta Bah


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