Mambury Njie charged, remanded


Mr Njie had spent almost two weeks in custody following his re-arrest and detention by Brusubi police at Brusubi. His case was earlier adjourned to April 21 and he was granted bail by the Banjul Magistrates Court where he was charged with negligence of official duties. 

Yesterday, a new bill of indictments was filed by the state. The first count stated that Mr Njie while serving as secretary general and head of civil service between 2001 and 2006, Mr Njie willfully or recklessly caused   monetary loss to the government of The Gambia on matters pertaining to the mining operations of   Carnegie Minerals Gambia Ltd. 

The second count stated that while serving in the same position, Mr Njie willfully neglected to perform his official duties as imposed on him by statute or common law by failing to advise the government of The Gambia on the mining activities of Carnegie Minerals Gambia Ltd. 


Mr Njie however, denied any wrong doing and was subsequently remanded in custody by the court in the absence of his counsel, Lamin Camara, who was said to be busy before the court of appeal. Hearing resumes May 14 when his counsel is expected to battle for him to be released on bail.


By Baba Sillah