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Man, 50, drowns at Jahally

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By Saidou Baldeh

Mot Boye, a 50-year-old native of Njoben village in Central River Region on Wednesday drowned at the Jahally Parcharr river, family sources told The Standard.
A source close to Mot, Abdou Aminata Boye, said the victim drowned when he went to harvest on his family rice farm.

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“It was after we finished working that he told us he was going to swim at the river just opposite our rice field. But after some minutes we heard him screaming and crying for help – unfortunately we couldn’t help him because none of us was able to swim – this was how he got drowned,” he said.

He said Mot was pious and God fearing. “The family will never forget him – he was very hardworking and loved his family with passion”.
The deceased left behind two wives and 11 children some of whom are going to school at Njoben Lower Basic School.

Lolley Mbaye, his mother, said she was shocked to learn of her son’s death.
“I will never forget Mot Boye – he was the breadwinner of the family. He would wake up every morning to go to Jahally Pacharr to farm to feed the family,” she added.
The deceased’s brother Ebou Boye said: “I cannot still believe my brother is gone. We were the only two males from our mother’s side and three sisters who are all married now”.

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