NSC meets Sports Associations, assess Covid-19 pandemic effect


The National Sports Council NSC, the regulatory body of all sports,have began a series of meetings with officials of sports associations, to reconnect with them amid the restrictions on sports events because of the pandemic.

Marcel Mendy , the executive director of the NSC said the meetings led by chairman Alfusainey Camara availed the councila chance to hear from the associations on topics dealing with their programme of activities, constraints and general state of affairs in the wake of the pandemic. “We are hoping to get a better understanding of their state of affairs within this period and their plans once the registrations are lifted. Of course we hold these meetings with minimum official from both sides, and also observing social distancing,” Mr Mendy said.

He further disclosed that the NSC also answered and engaged the associations about matters relating to access to the Sport Levy fund. This Fund is collected by GSM companies on every calls made and run into tens of millions of dalasis each month. It is controlled by the Ministry of finance which will administer it with the Ministry of youth and Sports. ”There were a few enquiries about the Fund and we informed the associations on the guidelines and procedures required by each association to access the fund. As in all cases, funding is attached to programmes and activities that are tangibly important and justifiable, and will be approved by the relevant authorities within ministry of sports. So the Fund will be very helpful when judiciously spent on good programmes such as infrastructure, training and provision of materials. We were able to enlighten the association on its existence and procedures,” Mr Mendy said. The meetings with associations continue.