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Man arrested for attempted rape in Bakau

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By Alagie Manneh

A man has been arrested Tuesday for attempting to rape an eight-year-old girl.

The suspect was discovered in a dilapidated building close to the Bakau football park where he took the girl after reportedly giving her D10. However, he was exposed by a group of boys before he could rape her, who reported him to the Bakau Newtown police post.

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A medical examination showed that the girl was not raped and that “everything remains intact,” according to the victim’s sister.

The family said their wish is for the matter to be resolved outside of court since they know the suspect’s family and the fact that no rape was committed.

“That’s our wish,” the mother said. “Besides, a female officer has advised exactly the same and that is to let the matter go.”

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Reacting to the development, the Child Protection Alliance (CPA) condemned the attempted rape as a criminal offense but added it is not for the family to decide the fate of the matter.

“The family is at liberty to forgive but that does not in any way mean the perpetrator should not face prosecution. We will take this up with the police to get to the bottom of it,” CPA national coordinator Lamin Fatty said.  

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