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Masroor is not Nusrat Annex – Principal Bayo


Speaking in an interview with The Standard on the sidelines of the recently concluded Jalsa Salana organised by the Ahmadiyaa Muslim Jama’at, he explained:

 “The school was built in 2005 by Humanity First an international charitable organization which is also under the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at. As a consequence, Masroor Senior Secondary school is independently run just like all the other Sister Ahmadiyya Mission Schools in the country such as Tahir, Nasir, and Mbullum in the North Bank Region plus basic cycle schools in Wuli (URR) and Kanfenda in Foni Kansala West Coast Region respectively.

“Everything has an advantage and a disadvantage and this misunderstanding has been happening since the school’s inception because of our working relationship with Nusrat. However, the advantages of whatever situation the school is in today will outweigh its disadvantages. This is because when one says Masroor is Nusrat annex the advantage there is people who have faith in Nusrat being a very established school with outstanding performance in all fields of education will of course be associated with Masroor. But the fact is the latter is in no way an annex of Nusrat. He pointed out that the school’s performance since it opened its doors to students has been “fantastic with a lot of our graduates either admitted into various Universities or working elsewhere to contribute their quotas to national development”. 

Further recounting his school’s litany of academic successes, he said they recently won the Qur’anic and Islamic quiz contest held at the Gambia College, the Kinkiliba Drama Competition and have also reached the semi-finals of the annual Fanta, Science and Mathematics Quiz Competition this year.


By Ousman Bojang


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