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Mayor Bensouda dispenses D3.3M worth of eyeglasses

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By Omar Bah

KM Mayor Talib Bensouda on Saturday distributed D3.3 million worth of eye-glasses to 340 beneficiaries. The eye glasses were donated by Etoile du Lac Hotel, Senegal, and Reina’s Restaurant, through a partnership with the council.

The distribution ceremony at the KM offices attracted people from a cross-section of society, families of the beneficiaries and a big delegation from Dakar.

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The donation followed a routine eye check activity conducted at the council few weeks ago that identified 340 beneficiaries to support with high quality eye glasses worth D10,000 each.

According to the council, the initiative is designed to enhance vision and promote well-being within KM through the provision of necessary eyewear to individuals who were examined and found to be needing them.

It also aims to foster community unity and demonstrate council’s collective commitment to supporting the health and welfare of its residents.

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Mayor Bensouda relished the opportunity to partner with Etoile du Lac Hotel and Reina’s Restaurant to provide eye glasses to needy individuals who would have ordinarily found it very difficult to acquire such expensive glasses.

“Health care delivery is not cheap in The Gambia so having an entrepreneur supporting in this area demonstrates their commitment and love for the country. They could have done this in Senegal because there are many Senegalese in need of these materials but they decided to bring them here. It demonstrates that Gambia and Senegal are one nation divided by borders,” he said.

He said the council is cognisant of the country’s inadequate health delivery system.

“This is why we are mobilising efforts to fill the gaps where they exist especially with the council. We are committed to continue looking for other avenues to support our residents and Gambians at large where possible,” he said.

He urged the beneficiaries to take good care of the lenses. He urged the company to continue supporting the needy whenever he can.

The founder of Etoile du Lac Hotel Mr Wuyeh Ba, said the relationship between him and Mayor Bensouda dates back to 2002. “It is thanks to him that I started visiting The Gambia and today we are like brothers. We are glad to partner with the council and we want to assure the mayor that we would continue to support and partner with the KMC and its people,” he said.

All the beneficiaries who spoke at the event commended Mayor Bensouda for his steadfastness in supporting the people of KM. 

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