Minority leader cautions not to compromise quality


“Today, we have seen all kinds of foodstuff imported in this country without considering quality. Nowadays, we have seen importers labeling 50Kg on rice which if properly weighed, would be 40kg or 45kg,” said Samba Jallow.

Contributing to debate on passing of Consumer Protection Bill, which, sought to give confidence to those wishing to invest in The Gambia by helping provide a more predictable business environment and protecting consumer welfare, the NRP Niamina Dankunku representative, said: “We as a party are yearning for this since 2001. This bill couldn’t come at a better time, it is the responsibility of government to not only secure protection but also citizenry wellbeing, what they eat and drink and I think the bill is here to address those issues. The other issue is our vegetable oil. Today you see oil being imported with more fat than oil. You go to the market, you will find a twenty liter drum of oil, and   almost three quarters of it will be fat. “

Adding her voice to the issue, Deputy Speaker Fatou Mbaye, noted: “Our health is at stake and we must be careful of what we consume. It is certainly a concern and a cause for alarm.”



Meanwhile, Members of the Parliamentary Assembly of Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) group of states, meeting at its 35th session in France, called upon the European Union to respect the democratic processes of sovereign states, as well as refrain from taking actions, which would undermine the basis of its development partnerships with ACP group, including attainment of the objectives of poverty eradication and sustainable development.


By Sainey Marenah