Mob accused of killing suspected thief arraigned


By Bruce Asemota

Four suspects charged with the murder of one Sheriff Hydara by beating in Farafenni last August were arraigned before Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of High Court on Tuesday.

The suspects Muhammed Ceesay, Sait Jallow, Alagie Jadama and Seedy Jaiteh are charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit felony and murder.


The prosecution, represented by Principal State Counsel Patrick Gomez, called the deceased’s uncle, Ebrima Hydara who testified as the first witness.

In his evidence, Mr Ebrima Hydara said that he was sitting at home when two young boys came to him and asked for the Sheriff’s mother who had travelled.

The witness further testified that the boys then asked him about the Sheriff’s father, Omar Hydara, his elder brother.

The witness said he called his elder brother and the two boys told him that Sheriff had jumped over a fence around a compound near the community market “lumo”.

The witness disclosed that the boys claimed that some people told them that Sheriff was caught in one of the compounds where he was killed.

The witness said he left the Sheriff’s father and rushed to the compound they talked about and as he entered, he found Sheriff lying down.

The witness further said he put his hand on his chest and realized that he was not breathing and as he was leaving the compound, he met Sheriff’s father and informed him that his son was dead.

The witness revealed that he went to the police station to report the matter and thereafter went with the police to the compound where Sheriff was evacuated to the mortuary.

The witness told the court that the two boys informed him that Sheriff had been lying in the compound since 3:00am and was caught stealing.