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There is a saying, a belief, that morality is relative. This implies that a thing may be deemed immoral by a section of society but moral to some other section of society. Society here means the world as a whole. In some parts of the world for instance, a child may tell his/her mother or father that what they said is a lie. In some other parts of the world, that is unthinkable.


Notwithstanding the above, there are certain things which are basically considered immoral in all parts of the world. One of these is nudity and lewdness. The world over, certain behaviours in public are frowned upon. Globalization, aided by the rapid advancement of technology, has turned the world into a global village. The Internet has removed all barriers that used to demarcate our geographical habitats and thus our culture and tradition.


The proliferation of the smart-phones has also made the world tinier, so to speak. What one does in one part of the world could be viewed and accessed instantly in the farthest part of the world. Surely, this has made the concept of morality and instilling it in young people more complex. As everyone, more or less, is holding a smartphone constantly connected to the Internet, it becomes next to impossible to control what people, especially children, view or listen to.


These audios and videos affect their way of life and change their perception on many things. As a result, what the parents see as good and bad may not be the same as what the young ones see as good or bad. That is how children pick ‘bad habits’ like lewd dance, nudity and other forms of moral degradation.


As a society, we have to approach this problem systematically with a solution that is holistic. The concept of good and bad must be instilled in the young generation in a way which will stick with them regardless whether they are at home with parents, at school with teachers, or out with friends and peers. Parents must endeavor to spend more time with their kids to ensure that they monitor the moral growth (or the lack of it) of their children. Parents must set good examples, for children are imitators.


In this way, we can minimise, if not eradicate completely, having our young people parading themselves lewdly on the Internet for the whole world to see. Another point is that being judgmental and vindictive will not solve the problem. The answers lie in counseling and exhibiting good behaviour ourselves.

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