Most NPP coalition partners miss out on cabinet jobs


By Omar Bah

Most of President Adama Barrow’s coalition partners have missed out on positions in the new cabinet. Over a dozen political parties and independent entities, including the former ruling APRC backed Barrow and his NPP in the last election, some of them members of the 2016 Coalition.

In an exclusive interview with The Standard few weeks after his reelection, President Barrow revealed that the majority of his new cabinet positions will go to the members of his NPP and its coalition partners.


“There can be no doubt about that. You cannot have people who work with you, fought for you and everything and now you come and select other people who were sitting in their corner. You know in politics loyalty is everything, so when I say the majority, it could be 60 percent or 70 percent but for sure, the majority of the positions would go to the coalition members,” the president said at the time. However, in the list of new cabinet ministers announced yesterday by government spokesperson, Ebrima G Sankareh, only the leader of the National Reconciliation Party, Hamat NK Bah, was reappointed as minister. The leaders or members of the PPP, GANU, ANRD, NCP and a host of independent presidential aspirants have all missed out on cabinet jobs.