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Thursday, January 28, 2021

NAMs adopt resolution on terrorist attack

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This came yesterday after the Majority Leader of the House moved a motion condemning what he described as a ‘foiled attack on the peace loving people of the republic of The Gambia by dissident Gambians from the United States, Germany and United Kingdom.’

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“I would not have been standing here talking if this thing had succeeded. We should all therefore thank God that it did not succeed. I must also add that trouble or insecurity knows no political party,” Sulayman Joof, National Assembly Member for Serekunda West said. “I must add also that the Gambian people have no cause to advocate for a change of government except those living outside the country. This is an infringement on international law and it is very sad that the people who masterminded it to destabilise this country are people living outside the country.” 

Netty Baldeh, member for Tumana commented: “The results of instability are well-known and the majority leader gave us examples as in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Mali, Sierra Leone, Liberia and even northern Nigeria. The consequences of instability are not a lesson for any of us. What I want to talk about is the mentality of these selfish terrorists. Why would anybody want to destabilise a democratically-elected government with very proactive and progressive leadership? With very devout and prestigiously internationally recognised religious mentality? A person who believes in the improvement and development of his nation? These selfish people do not respect anybody’s opinion other than their own. No matter what you think, is of no importance to them… it is what they think is right for you and not what you think is right for yourself.” 

 “They were a bunch of thugs and terrorists who were trying to create a problem for this country – a country that has won the respect and admiration of the whole world,” Baboucarr Nyang, National Assembly Member for Banjul South said. “I concur with our leader [president Jammeh] that this was not a coup. Elections are indispensable in a democracy and since 1996, we have been organising freer elections if not in the sub-region but in the whole world. It is not only about elections but what we do after elections. The Jammeh administration has been doing just that in terms of improving and promoting the welfare of the people. Among the people who enjoy are the armed and security forces of this country. They have been transformed into one of the most disciplined, professional and loyal forces.”

Haddy Nyang-Jagne, National Assembly Member representing Jeshwang while condemning the attacks urged Gambians to rally round President Jammeh’s administration with a view to actualising his agenda for the country.

Habiboulie Jawo, National Assembly Member for Jimara stated: “I rise to support and condemn the unfortunate situation of 30 December. We cannot be fooled and we will never be fooled. This is because we have achieved a lot and we have learnt a lot. To the unfortunate capitalists in America and other parts of Europe, let them understand that Gambians are not fools. If they want to make their dollars, this is not the way. Let them stay there and make their dollars but not to come and destabilise the country. This country is a sovereign nation.”


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