NAMs trained on human rights


Saidou Baldeh

The Association of Non-Governmental Organisations, TANGO, conducted a two-day training on human rights and rule of law for members of the National Assembly select committee on human rights and constitutional matters. 

The capacity building convergence was held at Tango head office in Fajara with funding from the United Nations Democratic Fund.


The aim of the workshop was to build the capacity of National Assembly Members on both domestic and international chapters on the rights of the people.  

Ndey S Bakurin, Executive Director of Tango explained that the Association has developed a two-year project which is aimed at strengthening human rights and rule of law in The Gambia, following over two decades of lack of respect for the rule of law and unprecedented rights violations.

Madam Bakurin emphasized that the training will help to equip lawmakers the skills and knowledge in furthering their parliamentary responsibilities.    

She added that the Gambia in its transition to democracy needs a strong and fearless Assembly that donors can look up to with respect and dignity.

The Tango director also implored NAMs to advance national interest and put the country in heart so as to craft a better path to democracy and human rights.

Majority Leader, Kebba K Barrow said that chapter 4 of the constitution which deals with respect and preservation of fundamental human rights should be defended by the National Assembly members for the enhancement of democracy and rule of law in the country.

“Human rights issues are everyone’s issues and they are a benchmark to address governance issues,” he added