NCCE spreads civic education to Kerr Jarga, Niamina ahead of by-elections


By Mafugi Ceesay

The National Center for Civic Education (NCCE) Monday started a one-week awareness campaign on how to conduct peaceful elections in the communities of Kerr Jarga Ward and Niamina West Constituency ahead of by-elections.

At Kerr Jarga where the tour started, Jasong Sanyang, a civic educator preached the community in Kuntaya on the need and importance of election, which he said, is to help people choose the leaders of their choice. He further reminded the people about the law on Gambian elections which he said is based on universal adult suffrage through secret ballots by citizens who are 18 and above.


The importance of a voter, he said is to help in reframing the development agenda of the country by deciding their choice of leadership.

“By-elections only occur if the position holder dies, resigns or is removed for one thing or the other. A by-election cannot occur if the position holder resigns 6 months before the end of his/her mandate and should also be conducted within two months after the position is declared vacant,” he told the audience.

Aminata Joof, another civic educator spoke on the need for peace during and after elections.

She urged the audience to vote early.

“I urge you the villagers to continue to live in peace and avoid using foul words against your political opponents and also respect all the rules at the polling stations.”

The tour continues.