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NCP asks Barrow to withdraw recognition of Majanko as leader

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By Amadou Jadama

The leader of the larger splinter group of the National Convention Party, Yaya Sanyang, has called on President Adama Barrow to rectify a statement he recently made referring to Majanko Samusa as the leader of the NCP.
According to Mr Sanyang, who called a press conference Sunday to put this message across, President Barrow, who when addressing a meeting with Kombo South people referred to Majanko as NCP leader, should take note that the majority of the NCP supporters through a nation-wide general assembly of delegates have voted in a new executive for the party and that Majanko and just few of his gang are just clinging on to a group that can no longer be called the NCP.
He added that Majanko and his gang do not have the approval of the nationwide membership of the party.
Mr Sanyang said this matter is very important since NCP is still part of the coalition government, hence the need for all stakeholders to know which side represents the true NCP.

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He said perhaps the president is not aware of the fact that Majanko Samusa is not the party leader of the NCP, “but even that is curious because everybody knows that the NCP has had its congress which certainly met the nationwide nature and structures required by the IEC.”
Mr Sanyang went on to state he and other bonafide remembers of the NCP have tried to keep the party as one by trying to put sense into Majanko to come back to the people but he refused to listen.

Mr Sanyang further called on IEC to intervene and make a decision on the matter since they have observed both congresses of the two NCP camps.
“I am suggesting to the IEC to do a simple task to clear the air since they are the ones who regulate the requirement parties should meet. We are more than willing to even go through another nation-wide NCP polling to establish the leadership of NCP election to confirm the right representative of the party,” Sanayng said.

Mr Sanyang also observed that the matter has not been treated by the inter-party committee. “It is my considered view that the inter party committee should have taken upon themselves to try to defuse the confusion that is existing in the party, either by calling the leadership and creating a dialogue. But I have not seen any attempts within the inter-party committee to do anything of that such,” he concluded.

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