By Lamin Cham

The newly appointed chairman of the National Sports Council, Borri Darboe, has said his office will endevour to serve the best interest of all sports associations towards the realisation of the objectives and set goals of the government in sports development.

Darboe who became chairman of the national regulatory body for all sports was speaking to The standard when contacted yesterday about his new job. ‘”I am very humbled by the trust bestowed on me and I take it as a big challenge which I am also ready to execute to the best of my ability,” he said.


Darboe assured all sports associations, officials and athletes that his coming is an opportunity for a new beginning in terms of confidence, reconciliation and dedication for sports and sportsmen and women. ”Every one is welcomed to come up with ideas, progressive thinking and sincere plans, and of course, I expect full cooperation from all in this crusade to put our sports to an enviable state, ”he said.

He added: ”No one need to fear anything or expect undue privileges as this office is for all Gambians and I am here to do my best with my team and leave it to others when the time comes.”.
Darboe concluded by thanking the Ministry of sports and expressing confidence that sports will flourish once again.

Borri Darboe, who is the commercial director at Banjul Breweries, has had a longstanding association with football in particular. He is also very well known for his outspoken and passionate frankness about issues affecting sports development. But in a rather subdued tone yesterday he said: ”You know, Lamin, when you assume certain responsibilities you must be seen to be for all and sundry no matter how your feelings are. I am here for all and I will work with everybody with fairness and equality.”