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Nfally Fadera quits Star FM

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“My decision [to resign] is due to professional reasons,” he wrote on his official Facebook page yesterday.

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Nfally anchored Gambia Wularo Kibaro, an evening review of local newspapers in Mandinka. The programme attracted thousands of audience across the country with a podcast that recorded 4000 score just last week. 

Details are not clear as to why Fadera quit Star FM, but he said he had acted in his best interest. 

He said: “After consultation with the people that matter, especially my grandmother, we’re convinced that it is to the best of my interest to resign. ‘Serve humanity first, safeguard your relationship with the Lord and people, but never allow to be exploited,’ she advised [me]. I take heed and refused to be used. To my colleagues, thanks for the memories. It has been an eventful two-and-half years. I’d definitely miss you… To my fans, something big is coming up this year, InSha Allah. In addition, to the online broadcasts which would obviously continue, you will hear me on radio again, and very, very soon. To Star FM management, I wish you well, and thank you for the experience.”



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