NPP campaign manager extols Jarra East for turning grey


By Lamin Cham

The national campaign manger of the governing National Peoples Party, Lamin Cham, has assured the people of Jarra East of President Adama Barrow’s attention to their welfare and development aspirations in return for their decision to elect an NPP candidate Haruna Barry as MP.

Speaking at Wellingara-Ba village during the victory celebration of NAM Barry over the weekend, Cham said after freeing themselves from being under an opposition MP, the people of the constituency now have a good opportunity to attract development in that area through the newly elected NAM Haruna.


”I have made this clear that when you want to solve the problems of your area, you need to work with the government of the day. Now that you have done that, I   will urge you to work with Haruna to identify the problems faced by your constituency and bring them to the attention of the government,” he told the Jarra East NPP supporters.

Mr Cham said President Barrow has already demonstrated his willingness to deliver on his mandate as manifested by the numerous projects in all regions of the country.

He further informed the people that Barrow’s strong belief in democracy has transformed The Gambia from a country of fear to a famous tolerant nation.

”We must continue that tradition and avoid division by politics. This country is too small to afford division. We must see politics as just difference of opinion and not an excuse to hate each other,” he concluded.