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The NPP has said it is certain of an “emphatic victory” at the December 4th presidential election following successful conclusions of an alliance deal with the former APRC ruling party last Thursday.

A statement released by the NPP deputy spokesman Seedy Njie from Mankamang Kunda where the president is currently resident, read: “The NPP welcomes the announcement of a successful NPP/APRC Alliance talks for the December 4th presidential election and subsequent election cycles by the APRC party leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta.

“The announcement will undoubtedly help immensely in healing, reconciling and uniting our people on the basis of national development and cohesion. The NPP which is founded on the bases and principles of democracy, respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law, and commitment to political pluralism, intends to work with all political entities, organisations and individuals with the common objectives of delivering services beneficial to the Gambian people.

“The NPP leader, President Adama Barrow, is committed to building a strong foundation of democracy where citizens’ rights, liberties and freedoms are respected under strong state institutions for effective checks and balances under a vibrant democratic space.

“The now formidable alliance of several parties: NPP, NRP, PPP, NCP, GPDP and APRC will undoubtedly usher in an emphatic election victory and dawn of a new Gambia for all Gambians. The NPP represents and embraces peace, hope, tolerance, development and the rule of law as opposed to fear-mongering, intimidation and divisive politics.

“The party leader is committed to the conduct of free, fair and transparent elections and urges all members and supporters of these political parties to conduct themselves appropriately before and, during the campaign and post-election period for a peaceful landslide victory.”

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