NRP working on full merger with NPP – Hamat


By Amadou Jadama

The leader of the National Reconciliation Party has said that his party’s support for President Adama Barrow is unshakeable, adding that the party is committed to negotiating with the NPP leadership for the complete merger of the two parties in the future.

Hamat Bah made this revelation while addressing his supporters at the party’s national congress in Ngaiyen Sanjal Saturday.


“We want to strengthen democracy and the politics of Adama Barrow, which is development to ensure that Gambians are pulled out of poverty,” Mr Bah said.

By doing so, he continued, we will strengthen this government, promote good governance in this country.

The NRP leader further called on his supporters to remain firm and solid behind Barrow and respect all political players in the field.

Bah vowed that no one will be maltreated and they will defend democracy.

 “We want to make politics of insult and abuse history in The Gambia. The politics of issues and development will be the agenda of every political party.”

He further challenged Gambians to stay away from tribalism. “Let’s embrace a national unity government after December 4 election and we move this country forward and I think this is the best way for The Gambia.”

There was no election as executive positions were maintained while twelve people were nominated to various positions. Nfamara Dampha –  national youth mobiliser, Ngui Secka –  national women chairperson, Awa Drammeh – deputy national women chairperson, Haddy Oulie Touray deputy national women mobiliser, Ngaga Jeng – regional chairperson LRR, Dam Touray – deputy administrative secretary, Amadou Bah deputy PRO, Sheikh Saine – deputy national mobiliser, Issa Sillah –  Diaspora mobiliser, Yasin Saho –  deputy treasurer, Bubacarr Jallow –  deputy national youth mobiliser and Alhagie Gidom Bah – head of the council of elders.