The officials, including executive members and chairmen of district sports committees in the region, had written a letter to the NSC expressing their disproval of a report supposedly sent to the NSC, from the WCRSC and also about the manner their own chairman single-handedly managed the BYSA affairs without consulting them.

But speaking to The Standard yesterday the NSC chairman Lamin King Colley said that as far as he knew no such letter had been received by his office. 

Asked to give his office’s stand on the BYSA crisis, Colley said as far as they were concerned the BYSA matter was within the purview of the regional sports committee. He gave no further comment.


Below we reproduce their letter in full. It was addressed to the chairman of the NSC:

We the undersigned write to express our disappointment and disapproval of the report sent to your office and the manner in which the Chairman of West Coast Sports Committee WCRSC is conducting the matter regarding the allegations made against BYSA. 

We would like to inform you that the Executive Committee of WCRSC had not authorised the Chairman to select the members of the Normalising Committee and investigate the alleged administrative and financial improprieties of Brikama Youth and Sports Association (BYSA). The Executive Committee has not yet set up any taskforce committee to look into the allegation because after receiving the letter from your office, efforts were made by some of the executive committee for the Chairman to call for an executive meeting to discuss the matter but to no avail. Therefore, the report(s) sent to your office does not in any way represent the decision of the West Coast Sports Committee.

As executive members, we believe that we have a duty to promote the development of sports in a friendly manner by protecting the provisions of the National Sports Council Act and our constitution which contains our will and resolve for good governance and a just, secure and prosperous sporting society. Be assured that we will never accept any dictatorial tendency which will give rise to the abuse of office and related vices that will negate the fundamental principles of sporting disciplines in the Region.

We would also like to inform you that Brikama Youth and Sports Association (BYSA) is directly affiliated to Kombo Central District Sports Committee which is vested with the original jurisdiction to hear and determine the matter in dispute and as a matter of procedure, West Coast Region Committee can only hear this matter on appeal. Therefore, failure to involve the District Committee undermines their authority. Recognising the important role and mandate of the District Sports Committees in the development of sports in the region, the West Coast Region Committee stressed the need to intensify efforts to find a solution to the problem through Kombo Central District Committee to respond to the legitimate demands of the members of Brikama and Youth Sports Association (BYSA).

We are appealing to you to inform the affiliated associations and clubs to strictly adhere and comply with the administrative protocols and procedures of sports hierarchy. 

It is for these reasons, we write this letter to you to order the Chairman of West Coast Region Committee to call for an executive meeting within a reasonable time for the matter to discuss at executive level. 

I look forward to resolve this matter amicably.

Yours faithfully,


Lamin Jarjue

For Secretary