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NUP leader says fighting corruption will top his party’s agenda

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By Omar Bah

Speaking to journalists shortly after receiving his party’s registration certification from the Independent Electoral Commission, the leader of the National Unity Party Ousman Jammeh, said his party will launch a very comprehensive fight against corruption if it takes power.

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“We will declare a war that will include mandatory jailing of officials found guilty of corruption,” Ousman Jammeh told journalists.

“A NUP government will wage a battle against corrupt officials. We are committed to fighting corruption, nepotism and all other economic crimes through the establishment and empowerment of relevant institutions, and strict enforcement of punitive anti-corruption laws.

“We will not allow the situation to continue where you steal maybe D1000 and you are in Mile 2 while somebody who stole hundreds of millions will be scot-free. We are going to make sure that anybody found liable, even if you are rich and able to pay all your fines, you will still have a mandatory jail sentence. This is a deterrent – you can pay your fine but you must go to jail. This is what progressive countries around the world do,” he said.

On the fisheries sector, Jammeh said when his party is in power it will swiftly address the issues facing the sector. This, he said, will include revisiting the fishing agreements the country signed with other countries.

“We have seen now fishing trawlers are not satisfied with what they catch in the river they are now fishing in our streams. This is dangerous. A NUP government will not allow foreign fishing companies to fish in our streams. That will be left exclusively for artisanal Gambian fishermen,” he said.

Jammeh also disclosed his party’s plans to create jobs and opportunities for Gambians especially young people.

The Corruption Perceptions Index 2019 reveals a staggering number of countries, Gambia included, are showing little or no improvement in tackling corruption.

The report analysis also suggests that reducing big money in politics and promoting inclusive political decision-making are essential to curb corruption.

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