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Nyancho set to launch maiden album POLISOL


By Awa Macalo

Nyancho, alias Apachaky, is prepared to launch his first ever album “POLISOL” at the Independence Stadium in Bakau on March 19.

The name “POLISOL” is given to the album to honour and cherish the effort put forward by the country’s security personnel in their daily sacrifices for the safety of the citizens.

It is also a tool of advocacy to fight the unjust and marginalisation of the security agents during the course of their work.

“Police are not our enemies, they are treated so unfairly by those they are putting their lives at risk to protect. I understand very well how the relationship between the police, the military and the public is,  it is not smooth. The mentality people have towards them is not pleasant. In fact, that is the reason why they have always been marginalized,” he said. 

The artist was born in Bakau Military Barracks; both his parents are security agents. He believes that supporting the efforts of the police and the entire security services will make work easier and effective. “I am not saying this because I was born in the midst of security personnel, I know their hurdles and its high time we stood with them for the advancement of our security. These are the lowest paid civil servants, but are still so much committed to their duties.’”

The album consists of twelve songs, the ‘polisol’ track is what makes it standout.

“We have already started a football league ahead of the launching, this league is aimed at bringing together youths from different communities to sensitise them on the importance of community policing and working with the police to bring perpetrators to justice. They [the police] cannot do it alone,” said D Jobiz, Nyanchos’ manager.

He said they will also launching a countrywide tour with the “POLISOL” caravan to reach to the grassroots, inform and sensitise them.

“Also, we would be giving a percentage of whatever we make from the ticket sales to them, that is, we will be buying security equipment and donate it to them. We are urging all Gambians to come out in their large numbers and support; coming out to support means contributing to the development of security agents more especially the police.”

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