Oga or Ogre?


By Sheriff Bojang

Today he’s all Santa
Tomorrow, all Satan

On Ezekiel’s field of dry bones


Today he is all black
Tomorrow, all white

Today he is all for peace
Tomorrow, all for war

Today he is all about tomorrow
Tomorrow, all about yesterday

Today he’s a jaded Casanova
Tomorrow, St John, The Chaste

Today he’s all kosher, halal
Tomorrow, all treyfe, haram

Today he is all ‘raas’
Tomorrow all Ras

Today he’s all royal
Tomorrow, all republican.

Like the dauphins
To the French king

Today I deeply admire him
Tomorrow, I strongly detest him

This black swan
That does everything a-deux

He was the new normal
In this, our strange little town.

Change only the name
And the story is about him.