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OJ camp accused of trying to ‘hijack’ PPP

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The furore and internecine war in the PPP following the election of Papa Njie as party leader at the recent congress does not show any sign of waning.
Yesterday, former minister and Jarra political bigwig, Alhaji Yaya Ceesay, released a signed press statement with him designated as interim national chairman providing an update on the post-congress turbulence rocking the party.
The statement read: β€œIn the matter of the dubious activities and deliberate attempts to hijack our party during the last congress, the executive has since sought legal advice on the matter and the outcome will be communicated to the members and well-wishers once available.”

It further called for a rejig of the party: ‘The secretariat and the bureau of the party under the chairmanship of Alhaji Yaya Ceesay, the interim chairman of the party, convened a meeting on Saturday 2 February 2019 at Bijilo to discuss the implementation of the decision contained in the historic Bakau Declaration issued at the first meeting of the party on Saturday 19 January 2019. In keeping with the spirit and the letter of this declaration, the meeting wishes to inform the party militants and well-wishers on the following measures that have been taken: Establish a party secretariat and bureau for the day-to-day management of the affairs of the party; set up a task force to spearhead the reorganisation programme of the party and provide support to the current reorganisation activities at constituency level; prepare a communication policy and strategy to correctly convey the policies, programmes and actions of the party.”

However, pre-congress interim party leader and former minister, Omar Jallow, who is backing the Papa Njie executive, contended that the congress and its outcome are legitimate and that Njie and his executive are the sole legally constituted leadership of the First Republican ruling party.
Papa Njie defeated the highly respected former vice president and finance minister Bakary Dabo in the congress election to become leader of Sir Dawda Jawara’s party. But supporters of Mr Dabo said it was fraudulent.

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