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On NCP’s reconciliation: Let bygones be bygones

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It seems that the National Convention Party (NCP) is telling Gambians not to write them off as they have now reconciled and become one party again after a lot of animosity and division in their ranks.

It could be recalled that in December last year, the NCP held two different congresses leading to a dispute amongst them which culminated in the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) suspending them as a political party in the country and ordering them to put their house in order.

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The differences between these two camps of the NCP appeared so contentious and acrimonious that there was no hope that they will ever reconcile and become one party again.

One of these camps was led by nominated member of the National Assembly Majanko Samusa and the other was led by Yaya Sanyang.

These two camps even had to go to court and seek injunctions against each other. Now, it seems they have buried the hatchet and have come together once again to become one party. Whether the IEC will immediately readmit them remains to be seen.

In the midst of gearing up to the 2021 election where many different parties are preparing the ground in readiness, it seems this jolted the NCP to now come together and forget about their differences so that they can have a chance in the upcoming elections.

During the course of the previous week, the country has witnessed a lot of politicking with the president using his Meet the People Tour to drum his political messages home and the United Democratic Party (UDP) holding a massive convergence in Central Baddibu and a new party called Citizens’ Alliance being launched.

It is now clear that the 2021 presidential election will be a hard-fought battle.

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