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Philip G Henry; renowned international artist setto bring unique blend of music on stage in Gambia

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Jamaica-born veteran musician, Philip G Henry, who collaborated with the likes of Dennis Brown and Nasio Fontaine among other world artists, is set to bring his unique blend of music to The Gambia this December with a much anticipated concert.

The 67-year-old creative musician, who plays highly original songs with great fervour, has been making waves in the industry for the past four decades playing with multiple bands and much revered for his diversity as a composer, artist, multi instrumentalist, singer and producer.

Philip G Henry was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1957. At the age of 5, he left Jamaica and moved to Birmingham, U.K, where his father was a bishop and started playing in the church. He made a natural progression in the field starting with the keyboard, piano, trumpet and then drums notably.   

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“I play 40 different instruments and have been a musician all my life. From 14 years I started to sing music and record songs,” Philip said in an interview with this medium. His expressive music style focuses on reggae, African music, Jazz, R&B, Solo and Rock.

“I am a world artist … .A music man. And play different music and I like love songs,” he added.

Philip was in the Gambia a few months ago where he had the opportunity to explore the beautiful culture and tradition of the people of the Smiling Coast of Africa. “I liked the way the people are adapting themselves in Gambia. It  got back into my African spirits, and I am a family. I want to share what I have and can do for the Gambia. I want to do a big concert [in December] and after the concert I want to see what the youths and the young people would like to do when I want to help them. Maybe I will open up schools for these young people doing music. I want to give them some advice on the dos and don’ts and share my experience and knowledge with them because I have been in music for 40 years and I can tell them the problems they may face and ways to avoid them,” Philip added.

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Philip aims to produce a unique and memorable music concert experience for the Gambian people. “I am open to getting as many people to attend the concert. I am going to give them a very good show. I am a showman. I like to give a message with a good show. I have 75 albums of my own. I want to play 20 good songs including “Civilization” and “Africa.”

Prominent Gambian artists will also be performing on stage.

During his stay in the Gambia, Philip will also visit schools and engage with other young people interested in taking up a career in music to support them to fulfil their dreams.

Philip was the first man in history to play a solo guitar at the intro of a big number one record in the world. This was “Angel” , a song by Jamaican reggae artist Shaggy in the 2000s.  According to Philip this was considered his greatest achievement.

He also played several songs in Nasio Fontaine’s album “Revolution” released in 1999 and played guitar in his famous song “Black Tuesday.” Philip also collaborated with American singer, rapper and actress Queen Latifah in filming and other projects and he played the Spanish guitar on Bonita, Spanish hit album by Chico.

Support for social development in Gambia

The musician also hopes to engage partners to support social development programs in the Gambia. He said following his visit to the country, he observed there is a need for support to improve infrastructure in the country.

“We need good roads in The Gambia. I want to open that door in the Gambia where we can get some infrastructure to build the roads. We need good roads in the Gambia. I am talking to a lot of my people in America to get the infrastructure so the people can travel fast to get to their jobs and be easier for them to make money. I am going to help and I want to do whatever I can in my powers to do these things.

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