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Police investigate crime syndicates in Gambia, others

By Momodou Darboe

Reports of a worrying trend of crime syndication in The Gambia, Senegal and Guinea Bissau have been emerging and the development is reportedly engaging the security agencies of the various countries, The Standard can reveal.

Highly-placed sources in the Gambia Police Force have informed this medium that criminal gangs in The Gambia, Casamance and Guinea Bissau are now collaborating in many different fronts in the crimes industry.

According to informants, the security forces of the three countries are now also racing against time in trying to dismantle the criminal entities engaged in cross-border crimes such as car trafficking, burglaries, robberies, drug trafficking and other forms of trans-national crimes.

“I can inform you that the police are currently confronted with a worrying problem which is that criminals in our country are now collaborating with other gangs in Casamance and Guinea Bissau in their criminal enterprises. They are well-organised and are into car thefts, burglaries, drug trade and other forms of crime,” a sources tells The Standard.

The Standard has been informed that this crime syndication is making the fight against cross-border crimes more complex in resources and intelligence gathering but that the three countries are currently working in “a mutually reinforcing manner to stem the tide”.
“They will steal property here and sell them across the borders. They are powerful and are supporting each other. For example, they pay legal fees for members in conflict with the laws. They also provide havens for fugitive members. But I can assure you that the police will soon tighten the noose on them,” the police source stated.

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