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‘Police have no right to suspend political activities’

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By Omar Bah

Former Interior Minister and leader of the Gambia Moral Congress has reacted to the Police’s recent suspension of all permits to hold political activities, saying the law enforcement agency has no such power to do that.

Mai Ahmad Fatty was speaking to Paradise FM yesterday.
He said under the constitution the IGP cannot stop political activities in the country.
He said: “That can only happen when there is a state of emergency and that can only be determined by the National Assembly.”

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He called on Gambians to be law abiding and be loyal to the country. On Umpa and Tamba
Mai Fatty also added his voice to the recent entrance of Umpa Mendy and Ansumana Tamba into the country with ease, saying if things were done properly the two former Jammeh military aides would have found it difficult to enter the country.

“The passports they are travelling with were nullified. Their papers are not good. Their entry into the country must be investigated and the papers they travelled with should be known,” he said.
Fatty added that the men must be investigated and if necessary taken to court, saying “because the constitution says whosoever is serving in the military and stays away for three to six months without returning to your post or barracks is no more considered a military officer.”

Mai Fatty further observed that the country’s security sectors lack the required unity to maintain law and order.
“If the security is stable and united, then the immigration who are responsible of borders will ensure the foreigners and Gambians coming in and out are known and well articulated,” he said.
He said this is why when he took over as Interior Minister, he decided to put a halt to the issuance of ID cards and passports.

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On what he would have done different, Fatty said: “I would have acted differently but I would not tell you what I would have done because I don’t want to contradict the decision of the government.”
Asked whether he would want to work for the government again, Fatty added: “Working for this country is what I stand for, I am always ready to serve the country at all times.”

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