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PPP elects board of trustees


Press release

The general public is hereby informed that the National Central Committee of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on Saturday, August 7th, 2021, elected Fifteen (15) distinguished personalities as the board of trustees of the party. This is in fulfillment of article forty (40) of the People’s Progressive Party constitution.

 The elected members are:

1.         Ms. Aji Bintou Jaiteh

2.         Mr. Malangba Manneh

3.         Hon. Omar Amadou Jallow

4.         Mr. Bakary M.S.A Manneh

5.         Hon James FP Gomez

6.         Ms. Tisbeh Jobe

7.         Ms. Astou Lam

8.         Mr. Kebba Danso

9.         Mr. Alpha Jallow

10.       Mr. Ousman Jarju

11.       Ms. Aji Saptieu Jaye

12.       Mr. Saikou Konateh

13.       Mr. Uthman A.N Jeng

14.       Mr. Sanusi Touray

15.       Mr. Tijan Cham

As per the constitution, the Board of Trustees shall:

1.         Be the embodiment of the conscience, the soul, and the sanctity of the Party, and to be the mirror of the highest standard of morality in the Party and to intervene in all disputes and crises in the Party to ensure its stability at all times.

2.         Advice when considered necessary and initiate policies for the guidance of the Party.

3.         Act as Arbitrators and Mediators in disputes and ensure the enforcement of discipline under the Constitution of the Party.

4.         Promote reconciliation, encourage and facilitate the settlement of disputes in an amicable manner amongst Party members

5.         Ensure that peace and tranquility prevail in the Party and when necessary intervenes to restore absolute peace.

6.         Convene the National Congress of the Party with the concurrence of two-thirds (2/3) of its membership, where there is any situation that prevents the National Executive Committee from functioning.

7.         Regulate its proceedings and shall draw up a Code of Conduct for its members to observe.

8.         Perform any other functions assigned to it by the National Congress.

9.         Elect its Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, and other officers among themselves, as deemed necessary, to formulate its own Rules and Procedures to regulate its meetings and activities.

10.       The Board of Trustees shall be in office for a period of four (4) years subject to renewal for another four years at the National Central Committee.

The PPP congratulates all the appointees and looks forward to learning and working with these respected personalities.

Mr. Uthman A.N Jeng

Director of Media and Communication

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