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PPP Njie faction to meet Monday over resignation calls


By Omar Bah

The former leader of the PPP, Omar (OJ) Jallow, has confirmed to The Standard that the new leadership of Papa Njie will convene a meeting on Monday to react to calls from a splinter group of the party for the new executive to resign.
“We will meet on Monday to respond to them and be rest assured the media will be duly informed,” he said over phone.

Meanwhile, Njie also confirmed to this medium that the party will meet to come up with a response to the splinter group’s claims, but he refused to comment any further.
Last week, scores of people claiming to be chairmen and chairwomen, elders, and youth members of the PPP met in Bakau and came out with what they called the ‘Bakau Declaration’ in which they called for the resignation of the new leadership alleging widespread fraud in the election process at the party’s recent congress
Meanwhile, Ansumana Sissoho, a Bakau PPP committee youth mobiliser said any decision taken from anybody to reject the legitimate election of Papa Njie will tantamount to a coup d’etat, as the election was free and fair.

“The election was witnessed by delegates and the IEC and it was declared free and fair. There was nothing like malpractice on the side of the delegates who voted. Papa is our party leader and no degree of opposition can change that. There cannot be a coup d’etat in the PPP. We will not accept that,” he told The Standard yesterday.
He said all the delegates who voted were legitimate delegates and that no amount of rebuttal can change the decision of the masses.

“As far as we are concerned, no one voted there who is not qualified to vote. To us, this noise is politically motivated and purposely meant to discredit Papa Njie. I think the truth behind all these is because they never thought Njie could win the election against BB Dabo. I think they should join Papa Njie and stop challenging God’s decision,” he concluded.

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