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‘President should come to parliament and listen’


Ya Kumba

By Kaddy Jawo

Ya Kumba Jaiteh, a Nominated Member of the National Assembly, has said there is a chasm between the legislature and the presidency and that the president needs to take advantage of his transitional authority.
She made the call yesterday during the debate on the state of the nation address delivered by President Adama Barrow at the National Assembly last week.
“We have a parliament that is united and this is not common even in matured democracies and it is unique to us as lawmakers and the president needs to create a relation between us and him,” she pointed out.
She said not only ministers but the president himself should go to parliament to listen to issues raised there by the people’s representatives.
The National Assembly, she posited, is expected to engage the president directly for him to listen to their information firsthand.
She said the status quo, “where the president will just come and address the National Assembly and leave without a question-and-answer session needs to change now”.
“How are we sure that what has been said since the start of the debate on the state of the nation address reaches the president?” she asked.

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