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Rotary club gets new president



By Maimuna Sey-Jawo

The Rotary Club of Banjul has elected Momodou Lamin Camara as its new president.
He is now expected to steer the affairs of the club for another year.
Speaking at a ceremony held at the Kairaba Beach Hotel, the newly elected president commended the outgoing president for his ‘style of leadership’ and the “tremendous achievements” the club registered during his tenure.
Commenting on his plans, Camara said he hopes to improve conditions of toilets in schools and communities in need of such services.
He promised the club will continue supporting the Diabetic Foot Care Centre at the EFSTH and Farato school community project.

“It is in recognition of the scarifices, services and commitment of these individuals, Rotarians and other vital organisations that we are able to achieve our heights today.”
He took the opportunity to speak on global issues, particularly in West Africa.
“The West African domain is under attack and infected by many threats and vulnerabilities, unlawful activities such as terrorism, drug trafficking, the escalation of piracy, child trafficking, slavery, illegal bunkering and poverty are some of the issues facing us as a sub-region.
“These issues hinder economic development which in turn can lead to destabilisation of countries, hence resulting in migration.”

However, despite these challenges, Camara said certain men, women and organisations have stood out in the fight against insecurity and instability whilst others have become beacons of inspiration and models of international best practices in health, particularly on the eradication of polio, malaria among others.
He underscored the need for Rotarians to remain “beacons of hope” for future generations.
“We gathered here to celebrate those individuals who constantly give and continue to give their all for our society’s freedom from hunger and diseases.”

Outgoing president Oba Moshood KB Abolade, thanked the Rotarians for their “tireless support” during his tenure as president, and revealed some of the gains registered during his leadership.
“Due to the commitment of the members, we were able to register an amount of D152, 000 for the club. The Rotary Club of Banjul is doing a fine job in efforts to supporting government’s development crusade.”
He urged the incoming president to live up to expectation and maintain the “spirit of unity” among Rotarians.

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