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President Yahya Jammeh is still on the receiving end of letters from world leaders and other very important persons congratulating him on the country’s 50th Independence Anniversary. Read messages below:

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Your Excellency,

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Allow me to express my gratitude for inviting me to the celebrations marking the 50th Anniversary of The Gambia’s Independence and to the groundbreaking ceremony for the Trans-Gambia Bridge project. On this special occasion, I would like to convey our congratulations to the government and the people of The Gambia on the journey towards sustainable social and economic development.

This is an event which I would have liked to attend in person. Nonetheless my commitments at that time did not allow me to do so. I sought your acceptance that Mr. Mamadou Lamine NDONGO, the Bank’s Regional Resident Representative for The Gambia, based in Dakar, represents me and leaded the Bank’s delegation.

Your Excellency, the commencement of the Trans-Gambia Bridge project represents a major milestone for the people of The Gambia and the entire region and I write to express to you and your government my total satisfaction that this flagship infrastructure project is launched.

Finally, let me once gain express to Your Excellency and to your government, our best wishes for the future.

Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurance of my highest consideration.

Donald Kaberuka

Simonetta Sommaruga – President of the Swiss Confederation.

The 50th anniversary of the national day of the Republic of The Gambia is an opportunity for me to extend to your Excellency on behalf of the Swiss federation council our sincere congratulations and our best wishes for the well being of the population and the prosperity of your country.

Simonetta Sommaruga


Aja Sunkary Sanyang

Your Excellency,


The FAO Award is not a surprise to all the Gambian people especially the women of this country because you have been doing great work in the agricultural sector and that is why the country is able to get such a prestigious award from FAO. We the women of this country are fully behind Your Excellency for the Vision 2016 and we will work closely with you to achieve the objectives of this Vision.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate and extend best wishes to you and the government on the occasion of the 50th Independence Anniversary. May the Almighty Allah (SWT) continue to bless our beloved Nation.

May the Almighty Allah (SWT) grant you long life, happiness and prosperity.

Aja Sunkary Sanyang


In honour of black celebrities 

 Dear editor,

 Honouring black celebrities on the occasion of Black History month serves as a reminder of the efforts made by many to unite all races under one umbrella. This spirit of leadership pioneered by former Ghanaian president Nkrumah is what has paved the way for most African countries to gain independence from the colonial masters.

Considering the fact that their contributions towards making the world a better place to live cannot be over emphasised, we should be reminding ourselves of the reasons which led to the struggle of independence in Africa. 

In more recent times, Black History month has been celebrated in America and most parts of the world which takes the form of celebrity parades. This involves the showcasing and demonstration of the efforts of blacks in the Diaspora and in Africa are showcased thereby adding value to the struggles and efforts made by the founding fathers of the struggle for freedom and independence so as to create a room for self-sufficiency and economic freedom.

Over the past century, African American life, history and culture have become major forces in the United States and the world. In 1915, few could have imagined that African Americans in music, art, and literature would become appreciated by the global community. Fewer still could have predicted the prominence achieved by African Americans, as well as other people of African descent, in shaping world politics, war, and diplomacy. Indeed, it was nearly universally believed that Africans and people of African descent had played no role in the unfolding of history and were a threat to American civilization itself. A century later, few can deny the centrality of African Americans in the making of American history.

This transformation is the result of effort, not chance. Confident that their struggles mattered in human history, black scholars, artists, athletes, and leaders self-consciously used their talents to change how the world viewed African Americans. The New Negro of the post-World War I era made modernity their own and gave the world a cornucopia of cultural gifts, including jazz, poetry based on the black vernacular, and an appreciation of African art. African American athletes dominated individual and team sports transforming baseball, track-and-field, football, boxing, and basketball. In a wave of social movements, African American activism transformed race relations, challenged American foreign policy, and became the American conscience on human rights.

Ebrima Jallow,

Bakau Sama Kunda.


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