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World’s most celebrated chef visits Banjul

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Shortly after he arrived in the country, Master Chef Charlie Marshall told journalists at the Banjul International Airport that he is in the country to help market the Smiling Coast, forge stronger link with the Gambia Chefs’ Association, share culinary knowledge and expertise, conduct training for culinary students, women groups among others.

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 “I am a world champion in cooking, I have won twelve medals in twelve years from different countries around the world and indeed, I have visited quite a lot of places,” he said. “I am honoured to come to The Gambia to meet with friends and colleagues in the industry in our quest to make things better and help promote our own cuisines to the international level.”

 According to him, his coming to The Gambia was inspired by the work of young Gambian Chefs who are doing everything possible to market the destination to the world and the influence of the Gambia Chefs’ Association.

 He added: “Now competing for awards is over for me. I can’t compete for awards but am ready to share my experience and knowledge with the young ones who are opting to compete at the international level.” 

Alpha Janneh, the president the Gambia Chefs’ Association while welcoming the award-winning cook to the Smiling Coast commented: “We are very delighted to receive such a high profile chef into the country. He has visited a lot of countries but this is his first time to come The Gambia. His experience will be judiciously utilised by the entire fraternity during his stay in the country. He will visit schools to hold lectures with students.”


Visits Cabana’s

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Master Chef Charlie Marshall was received by the management of the Cabana’s Beach Bar and Restaurant in Senegambia amid great fanfare and entertainment.

Mr Ali Jaber, the general manager of Cabana’s Beach Bar, was visibly delighted to receive such a popular figure whose visit coincided with a trying time for The Gambia’s tourism industry.

 He said the champion chef’s visit to Cabana’s was really exciting as it accorded him the opportunity to have his first taste of Gambian food. He added that Cabana’s is a champion and always opens its doors to champions and stars who are ready to contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic development of the country. The general manager was upbeat that such visit by high profile figures will go a long way towards convincing and attracting people into the country especially those that are often scared of Ebola.

“We owe all those who endeavoured to facilitate the visit of this man into the country because it accords us the opportunity to meet such a high profile personality,” Balanding Jatta, head waiter at Cabana’s Beach Bar and Restaurant, said.

Among the list of awards the world champion chef has won are: Academy of Culinary Award in 2012 in Peru, AREGALA International Award in Ecuador in 2014, International Star Chef Award also in Peru as the Best Pastry Chef, the Best Pastry Chef in Turkey and Panama all in 2014.


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