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‘Protecting, improving our water sources vital’

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Speaking at the National Nutrition Agency building along the Bertil harding Highway during a meeting with stakeholders in the water sector of the country, Ms Bianca Griffith said: “We are working on bringing technology that we hope would help to improve the water infrastructure of The Gambia, share knowledge about our work and what we are doing in bringing people together. We want to bring together all these different organisations and departments, they are doing extremely important work in the government and NGOs in this country and we want to open up a dialogue between everyone. We want to have a space for people to talk, collaborate together, and find ways so we can work together and we can share resources and accomplished more.”

Ms Griffith said “[T]here is nothing more, that we can imagine more important than something so simple as water. And I think that protecting and improving our water resources are vital for the health of the communities that are in The Gambia and also for the environmental health as well.” 

Ms Yam Bamb Njie-Keita, deputy permanent secretary at the Ministry of Environment said: “Efforts have been made for the provision of safe drinking water. Much, however, still remains to be done in this field of sanitation and hygiene. The Government of The Gambia recognises that safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene are essential in achieving the improvement of people’s health and development and in contributing to the attainment of the millennium development goal. Sanitation and hygiene are also considered as major determinants of poverty while improvement to sanitation and hygiene not only generates economic benefits in terms of better health but more productive pursuit of higher productivity. But it could also produce positive outcomes for school enrolment, retention and performance as well as healthy and dignified living environment.” 


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