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Qgroup launches 2022 Ramadan ‘Ndogou’ distribution

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By Lamin Cham

Muhammed Jah, the CEO of the QGroup, the Gambian-owned chain of multiple businesses that include GSM company QCell and QTV, recently presided over the official launching of the 2022 Ramadan Ndogou distribution programme.
The ceremony took place at another of the group’s landmark institution, the QCity complex.
Addressing the ceremony attended by Imam Ratib of Banjul Cherno Mass Kah, Supreme Islamic Council president Essa Darboe and scores of other imams and madrassa heads in the country, Mr Jah noted with satisfaction that the 14-year annual event has now grown big to reach 200 locations across the length and breadth of The Gambia. Mr Jah, himself a product of a renowned traditional Islamic upbringing, said the QGroup is aware and appreciative of the support and love of the Gambian people and that’s why the group has always pursued a policy of ploughing back to the people what belongs to them. ”What we are doing here is not distributing charity. We are dutifully extending to the people what they rightfully own. That is the spirit driving us each year to reach out this package of rice and sugar to communities across the country for 14 years now,” Mr Jah said.
He paid tribute to his late father and the surviving head and members of his family and their friends for inspiring him to think along the lines outlined by the teachings of Islam. He thanked his staff for the successful and honest implementation of the Ndogou programme.
The Imam Ratib of Banjul, Cherno Mass Kah said there is no better time to extend largess to the community than Ramadan. He added that Mr Jah and the QGroup have already scored big mark in that gesture. The President of the SIC Essa Darboe, said QGroup’s annual Ramadan Ndogou programme is important in many ways, notably, it can inspire others with the wealth and means to do similar ventures and thereby promoting God’s message.
Lamin Yaffa from the QGroup marketing department narrated with great delight how the Ndogou programme has grown from strength to strength over the years. He thanked his colleagues for the hard work in executing the prorgamme each year. The ceremony was chaired by Oustass and Imam Ousman Jah, who announced that the QGroup is also sponsoring a nationwide Quranic memorization contest which will soon reach final stages. Over the next few days, the QGroup will send teams across the country to distribute the QNdogou of rice and sugar to some 200 masjids, madrassas among other places.

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