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One of the most despicable crimes in the modern world is rape. Rape violates the most basic right of a human being. This may be a man or a woman, but mostly children. Many a time people view rape as a sex crime and that alone.

But, rape goes beyond that. Rape has to do with power. The feeling of being powerful and wishing to impose that power on other people to show that you can. Rape is despicable as its repercussions can be long lasting. It can be mental, psychological or physical. Thus, it should be viewed as worse than murder.

This type of crime should be punished severely. Any person who commits rape, should face the full force of the law. Facing the full force of the law does not always have to be incarceration or other severe punitive measures. Sometimes, rapist might be mentally sick. In such instances, the punishment may simply be the person being compelled to see a psychiatrist for treatment [mandatory].

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In some countries, they have taken the measure of naming and shaming of paedophiles. Thus if there is a paedophile in an area, it becomes compulsory for the government to inform the residence of his history. In this way, the people of the area will take appropriate measures to protect themselves and their children from him.

Also, government should set an example on whoever is found to be guilty of rape. Most of the time it is close relatives or family friends who commit this crime. But then, the family members try to shield the perpetrators. Such people should also face punitive measures.

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