Reactions to neglecting setsettal


By Aminata Ceesay

In Gambia, Operation Clean the Nation, locally known as Setsettal is a cleaning exercise conducted every two weeks and aimed at bettering the trash problems of the country.
The operation, introduced in 2007, has contributed greatly to the health sector performance and impacted positively on the lives of the people.

It is enacted on certain Saturdays, when most businesses and all schools will close across the nation to foster cleaning of trash around compounds and public areas of The Gambia.
Speaking to The Standard, few people called for its stay, saying it is a way of promoting healthy life and environment, despite being initiated by former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh.


Omar Sissoho said: “The exercise is actually essential because even the religions, Islam and Christianity, recommend cleanliness. I am always moved about things that promote health because without health it will be difficult to survive. When an environment is clean, it is always free from diseases especially bacterial infection diseases. So I would like the operation to be maintained in promoting health and cleanliness.”

Aji Fatou Ceesay: “Cleanliness should be part of our daily lives, not eventual. Set settal was a very good initiative and it should be maintain. Look around you and see the environment, it is not hygienic at all and it does not tell well about our health. Living a healthy life doesn’t necessarily mean being rich but being clean and living in a healthy surrounding.”

Rosalina Mendy: “I wish people could know the importance of a clean environment. This is something that if you if you do, it’s for your own benefit. I am urging everyone to please maintain the cleaning exercise not only every week or month but every day.”