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Saturday, September 23, 2023



After nine years of waiting, Real de Banjul has returned to its rightful place in Gambian football, by once again claiming the league title. It is the 13th league crown for the team, one of the oldest and most successful sides in the country’s football. Leading by just two points Real managed a draw against Waa Banjul in the final match of the season meaning that even though second place Falcons beat Steve Biko to tally the points at 52 apiece, Real’s massive goal difference won the day and the title. The club had to take giant strides in terms of organisation and investments in a bid to match up to Africa’s top clubs but many trophy- less years have hampered that dream. The team must now think of competing the African champions’ league.


Real may have won the cup but the story of the league is controlled by Falcons FC. They ruled the pack for much of the 30-week season but had to endure a disappointing end of season results that saw them losing grip of the league. This, coupled with a sudden announcement by coach Lamin Sanneh that he will be leaving, did not help morals.
The coach did not explain his reasons of wanting to go. He ended the season with a stinging criticism of the GFF alleging that none of the executives members bothered to attend other season ending matches with potentials of crowning a champion but instead concentrated on the Rea de Banjul match in Banjul.
Meanwhile in a rather dramatic end to the season last season’s champions Hawks have been relegated.

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