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Regional planners’ training on results-based management concluded

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By Aisha Tamba

A five-day training designed for regional planners on results-based monitoring and evaluation was concluded last Friday in Brufut.

The training was implemented by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

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It had the objective to build capacities of planners on results-based management, performance indicators, monitoring and evaluation and reporting and an introduction to The Gambia’s integrated monitoring and evaluation system.

Speaking at the ceremony, the director of planning at the finance ministry, Alagie Fadera, noted that monitoring and evaluation is a crucial public management tool for improving the effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and transparency of the government policy development and implementation.

You can attest that without assessing and evaluating the process and results based on scientifically drawn evidence, quantitatively and qualitatively, it would be extremely difficult to judge the extent to which a policy has been implemented as planned.

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“To identify what has led to the changes intended (or unintended) and successful (or unsuccessful), and thus to make mid-course corrections and ultimately guarantee outcomes initially expected.

“This is why governments including the Government of The Gambia and development partners put much emphasis on developing effective M&E systems and capacity in public sector to improve the overall performance of public policy and ensuring value for money,” he stated.

Babou Sanyang, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Lands and Regional Government, told the gathering that planning starts at VDC level, urging participants representing their local authorities to support the village development committees development plans structures.

He encouraged participants to effectively use, and disseminate the knowledge and skills gained from the training to consult back to the directory of development planning and other development partners.

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