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City of Banjul
Monday, September 21, 2020

Remembering Hamoudi

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The day the skies turned grey

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 It was then I thought of you

 As the rain pondered upon my tin-roof

 Tears from my eyes showed how much I missed you


It never crossed my mind that I’d feel so blue

 That on that very day I’d lose you

 Who would have thought it’d be you to leave so soon?

 Leaving behind the ones you love and fond memories


I’m sure you’ve gone to a better place

 Garnished with angel wings, halo, harps and other things

 You’re probably looking down from heaven up above

 Sending out smiles with days of sunshine and showers of love


Not a day that goes by I don’t think of you

 How I wished you were still here to stay

 All the fun and times we spent together

 Your laughter and your smile you’ve always given


These are moments I cherish in everlasting memories

 Even though it’s hard to accept the fact that you’re gone

 The distance between you and me is only…



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