Rousing welcome for President


Thousands of APRC supporters whose ranks were reinforced by state security personnel and school children thronged the Brikama highway, singing and clapping, as the presidential motorcade drove through to Banjul. 

One supporter among the crowd told The Standard: “President Jammeh has been consistent in terms of bringing development to his people. For 20 years now, he has been building schools, infrastructure, and his biggest achievement is the Gambia university, which is making great strides in national development. I think the president has done quite well.”

Another supporter, Ndey Touray of Fajikunda said: “At least the president is better than some of the people who criticise him. He has made an immense mark here in The Gambia and even beyond. What about his critics, what have they done? Even in their own towns they are not known. Therefore, they should show us something they have done and achieved instead of insulting and defaming the president on a daily basis.”


President Jammeh began his annual constitutionally mandated ‘dialogue with the people’s tour’ mid last month, traversing the country. 

This year’s tour was themed: ‘Assessment of Vision-2016 for Rice Self-Sufficiency,’ a point President Jammeh hammered home at almost every meeting, promising that The Gambia would by 2016 cease to import rice. 

The tour also witnessed pledges by the president to construct road networks, bridges, schools and health facilities for various communities in need. 

The president and his entourage, which includes cabinet ministers and senior government officials made visits to development projects, both public and private, as well as communal farms.

Meanwhile, the president is scheduled to hold a meeting today at Buffer Zone, Fajikunda, Wellingara and Old Jeshwang on Tuesday. There will be a musical show on Wednesday afternoon at the July 22nd Square in Banjul, marking the end of the tour. 


By Ousman Bojang