SAINTFIET RALLIES TROOPS AGAIN …fans urged to stick to team despite…..



Tom Saintfiet returns to work on another home match, one month after a home defeat had taken the gloss from his spectacular efforts in building a new era for Gambia. However undeterred the Belgian has called up his troops whose identities would be revealed tomorrow at Football House. Unlike the two matches against Togo, there is little hype or even hope in the air going into this one against Benin with The Gambia sitting at the bottom in the group. There is the small matter of the appeal against Togo though which fans are praying to be ruled in Gambia’s favour to re-inject hope and belief in the Gambian camp.
According to the GFF, the coach will unveil the list of invited players at midday tomorrow at Football House. Benin are due here next week for the November 17 clash that certainly will take the participating teams a step closer to knowing their fate in the programme. Saintfiet’s initial confidence in defending his choice of invitees has dwindled under widespread concern that key players were over looked. Will they be invited for this one to bring down the stick after the proverbial serpent has already passed?