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Sana Sabally reacts to amnesty rejection

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By Omar Bah

The former AFPRC vice chairman has reacted to the Gambia government’s decision to reject any amnesty recommendation for him in its White Paper published in the wake of the truth commission’s final report on the atrocities of the Jammeh era.

The TRRC Amnesty Committee had “approved” amnesty for Sana Sabally who admitted responsibility for the killing of many soldiers accused of a coup plot in 1994.

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But government said Sana is one of the people who bear the greatest responsibility for the human rights abuses and violations, especially in the early days of the previous government.

Reacting to the decision for the first time, Sana told Paradise TV: “The issue of the TRRC is purely for the government to decide and I do not have anything against whatever decision the government takes. I leave everything in the hands of God.

I will continue contributing my part towards national development and reconciliation until that time that everything comes to an end. So, I am not bothered because the TRRC has decided to recommend my amnesty. If the government says no, that doesn’t mean I have to fold my hands and stop doing what I started for the interest of my country. What happened in the past was a mistake and I admitted and sought forgiveness,” Sabally said.

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