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Sedia Bayo: My call for violence was to scare Jammeh

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By Omar Bah Sheikh Sedia Bayo, the France born Gambian who captured attention two years ago with claims that he has set up a parallel transitional government in exile, and threatened to start an arm struggle against Ex-President Jammeh , has said the only strategy in dealing with Jammeh is to threaten him with rebellion. “The man understands only violence and that was the song I too was singing in order to frighten him to end dictatorship in The Gambia,” he said Bayo made several threats to unseat Jammeh through violence, a move that earned much criticism from many quarters, especially among the Gambian Diaspora community who dissociated themselves from his firebrand method. He was also temporarily bundled out of Senegal for the same reasons. But speaking to journalists shortly after arriving in the Gambia for the first time in many years, a buoyant Bayo said: “I was not and will never be a rebel leader. All I was doing was a strategic plan to threaten Yahya Jammeh because unless Jammeh saw a real threat of violence he would never back down and I think am vindicated,” Mr Bayo told journalists at the Banjul International Airport. Bayo went on to describe Mr Jammeh as someone whose rule had brought a total disaster for the Gambia. “I must also commend all political leaders for their zeal and maturity during the difficult times of the two months political impasse. I would like to also call on all Gambians irrespective of their political affiliation to forgive one another and focus on the future,” he said. But he was quick to add that “if I say forgive I don’t mean Jammeh’s victims should not seek redress. I mean political leaders should exercise forgiveness and greater tolerance for the benefit of the next generation.” Mr Bayo also lamented the loss of many young people in the sea during the past years all due to lack of job opportunities and freedom in the country. “Jammeh’s regime was so hostile for everyone,” he added. Bayo added that youths should be given more priority in education and skills acquisition to give them the opportunity to be productive leaders. On whether he will be ready to take a position if the offer comes he replied. “I am a Gambian and I will never at any point hesitate to serve my country in any capacity that I can offer my expertise. We are all yearning for the common goal of seeing a free and prosperous Gambia, where all will exercise their rights under the law without any hindrance or subject to any reprisal,” he concluded.]]>

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