Seedy Njie: GDC is a dying party


By Omar Bah

Seedy Njie, a key NPP surrogate, has said the GDC’s recent queries about whatever the president does or says is a sign of “desperation” of a dying party.

The GDC youth president, Modou Cham Jr on Tuesday claimed NPP ferried people from Casamance to its meetings in Foni on Monday. Cham also called for all political players and interested Gambians to be very vigilant to ensure that non-Gambians don’t get voter cards.


But Njie, who resigned from the APRC on June 4th, 2018 to join Barrow refuted the claims. He said: “The GDC should stop crying like a baby because the NPP is not done yet – we are going to take all their supporters before 2021. The party will die a natural death.”

 Njie also likened MC Cham’s behaviour to a wounded lion heading to his grave.

“My friend’s desperate position is borne out of anger and political frustration simply because former key officials of GDC including Dr Demba Sabally, their former national chairman among others hailed from Foni Jarrol and consequently all the GDC structures in Foni Jarrol and Foni Bondali are now wiped out,” he said.

Njie added: “MC Cham’s smear campaign and false allegation are not normal in a normal situation. The defection of 534 supporters of GDC to NPP yesterday at Bambara Foni Bondali including Yankuba Trawally who was the GDC constituency mobiliser and regional secretary for West Coast is a bitter reality that GDC will have to accept.”

MC Cham’s allegations, Njie argued, are false and an insult to the good people of Foni especially Giyonkel in Foni Jarrol a settlement that is more than 300-years-old.

“Kampassa, which he said is in the Casamance is the home village of Borry Colly, former member of parliament for Foni Jarrol. The oracles and the spirits in these villages are angry with MC Cham right now for calling their village a foreign land.  And the Pateh he mentioned is a name of a person not a village and there is also no village called Kambusema. How can a national youth president of a party fail to know Gambian villages and towns?” Njie querred.